Making A Natural Hair Pinterest Board That’s Actually Useful

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of resources out there for natural hair? Pinterest is a great platform for keeping all the information and ideas you learn along your hair journey organized. But if you aren’t careful, your Pinterest board could frustrate or overwhelm you along the way.

My natural hair Pinterest board used to overwhelm me with all the ideas I had on there. I would pin whatever looked pretty without organizing them and without thinking about how I could put the ideas into action.

As a result, I ended up jumping on all the new natural hair trends. I didn’t have a consistent hair regimen. I didn’t internalize what my hair needed. And I started hating my hair because I thought it was too much work.

Since I started transitioning back to natural hair, “consistency, focus and simplicity” has become my mantra.  To do this, I completely changed the way that I approached my Pinterest board for natural hair.

Step 1: Identify and Delete Posts That Don’t Fit Your Hair Plan

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The first thing I did was start with my original board and delete the pins falling into the following categories:

pictures with extensions: This time around, I’ve decided I want to master styling my own hair. I don’t want to wear weaves, crochet braids, wigs, or any other types of extensions. So I deleted all those beautiful pictures from my board so that they would not tempt me.

hair crushes: You know those girls whose hair is just peeerffeect … but absolutely nothing like yours (too long, too short, too loose/tight of a curl pattern, etc)? I moved those off of my natural hair board and put them on my girl crush board. I may love the hair, but mine just isn’t like theirs and it never will be. So these pictures won’t really be much of a guide.

extreme hair regimens: Max Hydration Method, the Greenhouse Effect, Protective Styling Challenges, etc… Hair regimens like these require me to do things that don’t fit into my lifestyle. I don’t want to wash my hair everyday. I don’t want to sleep with my hair wet. I don’t want to be in a protective style for extended periods of time. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, then don’t bother with it. If you can’t consistently stick to it, you will only see limited benefits anyway.

product endorsements: I’m in a place where I am very satisfied with my current products and hair tools. To fight my natural tendencies towards “product junkiism,” I deleted all product endorsements and reviews.

Step 2: Organize

After eliminating the posts that I found distracting, I started to organize the remaining pins into categories. My main use for Pinterest is style inspiration and healthy hair tips.  So I separated the posts into 3 categories:

  • Updos
  • Loose Styles
  • Hair Tips

I also added a section for Success Pictures so I could upload photos of my best styles.

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Step 3: Put Your Board to Work

Finally, I put the board to work.  I decided I would try a loose style first and then create an updo with the old hair.  I was inspired to create a twist and curl, which I was able to maintain for two days. I then put my hair in a high curly ponytail, which I wore for another two days.

I’m sure for some of you, going through a huge Pinterest board may seem far too time-consuming and pointless. But for me, it was well worth the work.  This was the first time I was ever able to use my Pinterest board to help guide and inspire me. It made me excited to showcase my new style and eliminated a lot of the guess work that comes with handling my transitioning hair.

I hope this post will help you cultivate your own Pinterest pages to better suit your needs. How do you use your Pinterest board?

Thank you for reading!


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