The Tea on Bunning for Protective Styling

This past year, buns have been my go to hairstyle. With the style, my hair’s health has greatly improved, my edges have thickened, and my ends stopped breaking. But I did not always know what I was doing. Although buns are pretty simple, there are a few things I have learned over the past year to enhance their protective potential.

  1. Don’t put your hair in a bun when it is soaking wet. It takes forever for your hair to dry this way and it made my scalp really itchy. It also increases the chance of a moisture/protein imbalance.  On wash day, I normally let my hair completely dry in four to six cornrows. This stretches the hair and makes it really easy to put into a textured top knot or low bun. If I have to bun on a wash day and I don’t have time to let my hair completely dry, I at least wait about 20 minutes before putting any product in my hair so that my hair has a chance to start drying before I start styling.
  2. Treat your edges like porcelain. We all know that putting a lot of tension to hold your hair back can be really rough on your edges. So, I try to vary the position of my bun, from low to high. I also put an extra layer of my my DIY hair oil around my edges. I found that if I put some water and oil around my edges and cover my head with a scarf for about 20 minutes, my edges will be hydrated and flat and won’t require any gel or edge control. (Of course, it doesn’t look like the super flat edges you see on Youtube. But it suits me fine).
  3. Limit the amount you brush and comb.  I try to use my hands and fingers as much as possible to stretch and sweep my hair into the bun. When I first started out, I would comb and brush my hair to stretch it out.  As a result, I had a lot of breakage and my buns looked fuzzy. I still remember the day my boyfriend noticed  that I had a ton of little broken hairs all around the top and back of my shirt. (AHHH!!) When I relied more on my hands to put my hair in the bun, my hair began to look healthier and I experienced less breakage. I pretty much don’t brush it at all unless it’s a night out and I want to use some gel to make the style a bit more sleek.
  4. Take it easy with the gel and edge control. I started out using sooo much gel and edge control in my hair. It felt stiff as a board and I had major product buildup challenges. It looked like I was wearing a hair helmet! When I started trying to use as little gel as possible, I found that the style looked more effortless and stylish. I also got less product build-up and was actually able to make it to wash day before washing it all out
  5. Don’t sleep in your bun. I use to sleep in my bun all the time. This was hard on my edges and it didn’t allow me to moisturize my hair effectively. When I started taking my bun down each night, moisturizing my hair gently, and then setting it in loose braids, I found that the style looked so much fresher and healthier the next day.



I hope these tips will help you just like they have helped me. Let me know in the comments if you have any other helpful tips!

Happy bunning and thank you for reading!

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