My Current Hair Regimen


The 30 day hair challenge is over! (It’s been over for a while, I know – haha).  However, I am still pretty much sticking to the rules. I found that it worked really well with my lifestyle and was not too difficulty to follow. Most importantly, my hair is flourishing with these techniques. So if you are interested in seeing my routine in my healthy hair phase, keep reading.

The 30 Day Challenge: De Briefing

Before jumping in on my current hair regimen, I feel I owe you a summary of my results and impressions from the hair challenge that kick started my healthy hair phase. If you missed my post on the 30 day challenge, here is a brief recap of the rules:

  1. DAILY RULES: Moisturize daily by spritzing hair with a tea rinse. No manipulation styles during the week. Low manipulation styles on the weekend. Sleep with a satin bonnet every night. Drink water during the day. Take a multivitamin and try to incorporate more foods that are healthy into your hair into your diet.
  2. WEEKLY RULES: Wash once per week using a clay mask followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. Deep condition each week and finger detangle only.

That’s it in a nutshell. I followed MOST of the rules during the challenge. I wasn’t faithful with drinking a lot of water each day or actively incorporating hair friendly foods into my diet. I also did not use the tea rinse every day since I did not think my hair needed it and because the tea rinse is VERY messy. (I think I permanently stained a wall in my house.) Everything else I followed to the letter.

Now, I know some of you may expect a length check.  Well, I never did a before picture, so I feel like doing a length check now won’t really have any meaning. Besides, I am POSITIVE that my hair is flourishing. First, my hair is more moisturized than it has ever been in my entire life. Second, I can tell that it is longer because I am able to do more styles and it has started to take longer to put product in it.

If you feel like your hair is on the struggle bus, I would definitely recommend this regimen. It isn’t that hard or time consuming and it helped me get spiritually closer to my hair. I hardly felt the 30 days pass and, as I said before, I have continued most of the steps.

My Current Hair Regimen


(approximately 1.5 to 2 hours)

I typically wash my hair once a week. I sometimes get lazy and push it to two weeks, but two weeks is the absolute max. I notice that my hair seems more moisturized and soft when I wash once a week rather than once every two weeks so I really try to stay to the once a week schedule. The entire process below takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. I spend the majority of that time working the product in my hair and finger detangling.

  1. PREPOO/OIL RINSE: I start my wash day with a hot oil rinse (olive oil and rosemary oil). As I distribute the oil through my hair, I finger detangle. After I put the hot oil rinse in my hair, I sit under a heating cap for 10 minutes.
  2. CLEANSE: I rinse the oil out with water and then use Fusion of Culture’s clay mask to cleanse my scalp and ends. I no longer follow this with the apple cider vinegar rinse mostly because I am lazy.
  3. DEEP CONDITION: After cleansing my hair, I deep condition with Aunt Jackie’s Fix My Hair deep conditioner. I apply the deep conditioner generously to my hair and then sit under a heating cap for 10 minutes. Then I rinse out the deep conditioner.
  4. MOISTURIZE (LOC METHOD): After that, I apply a small amount of As I Am Leave in Conditioner and my DIY growth oil mixture. I seal all of that in with some warm organic shea butter.


(1 hour on wash day; 10-15 minutes other days)

I have set a hard rule that any style I do should not take longer than one hour to achieve. Since I always style on wash day, I generally spend about three hours on my hair total on that day. For some of you that may be a loooooong time. However, wash day is the most amount of time I will spend on my hair for the rest of the week. My hair gets about 20 minutes of my time (per day) for the rest of the week.

My go-to weekly style is simply medium size twists. When I first started, I could do them in 30 minutes. Now that my hair is longer, it is taking more around an hour to complete. But the style is well worth the time.  Twists give me flexibility with styling during the week without sacrificing moisture or protection.

In the picture down below, I have some medium twists in my hair that I pulled into a top knot. This style was three days old at the time I took the picture and I was at the ocean (so a lot of humidity).


Below I have styled them into a low bun (I know, not so creative – but I forgot to take pictures!!). Then next to that is a twisted updo thing-a-magig that I created with medium size twists.

On the weekends, I take the twists out and will wear a twist out, a bun, or creative style, like the one below. It just depends on what I am doing. The style below was for date night.


I still only finger detangle even when styling. This means that I do not use a comb for anything else besides parting my hair. I will occasionally use a brush to smooth my edges or to smooth my hair into a ponytail. I try to avoid that for the most part because even that can cause some breakage.


(5-10 Minutes)

At night I generally don’t need to do much more than take my ponytail down if I was wearing one and throw on a satin bonnet. Sometimes I will moisturize and re-twist my hair mid-week if they look or feel dry. As my hair has gotten healthier, I do not have to moisturize as often. I can generally get away with just spritzing my edges with some water and sealing in the moisture with oil and doing basically nothing to the rest of my hair until I take my twists down on the weekend.

Final Thoughts

That is where I am right now. I am in such a better place with my hair. Not only is it doing well, but I feel really proud and beautiful with it. For the first time in my life, I genuinely like my hair.

If you feel like you might be in a weird place with your hair, doing a hair challenge or otherwise spending time focusing on your hair’s health may be exactly what you need to repair your relationship with your hair. One thing I have learned through this process is that when you are good to your hair, it really is good to you.

Thank you so much for reading this post! 

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