Foods For Hair Growth: How Many Are In Your Diet?

Instagram is exploding with pictures of women selling hair vitamins! Just a glance at the gram makes it clear that women of all races are clamoring to get the best nutrients for healthy, long, and strong hair. Even I have started taking a multi-vitamin. Still, I prefer to try to get my nutrients through food….

The Tea on Bunning for Protective Styling

This past year, buns have been my go to hairstyle. With the style, my hair’s health has greatly improved, my edges have thickened, and my ends stopped breaking. But I did not always know what I was doing. Although buns are pretty simple, there are a few things I have learned over the past year…

Are Crochet Braids A Good Protective Hair Style?

Are you considering getting crochet braids, but are unsure of whether they will fit with your lifestyle, whether they will cause damage, and what you will have to do to install and maintain them?  If so, keep reading this all-inclusive guide

My DIY Hair Growth Oil

Creating your own hair products is an awesome idea! It is easy now that beauty supply stores and Amazon offer essential oils and other simple products at a reasonable price. Plus, when you make your own stuff, you don’t have to worry about a company discontinuing your favorite hairline or hiking up the price. For…

Making A Natural Hair Pinterest Board That’s Actually Useful

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of resources out there for natural hair? Pinterest is a great platform for keeping all the information and ideas you learn along your hair journey organized. But if you aren’t careful, your Pinterest board could frustrate or overwhelm you along the way. My natural hair Pinterest board used to overwhelm…